VIP ADD-ON: Organic & Raw Unpasteurized Sauerkraut


For VIP Home Delivery!

**New crunchy batch!  Wow, this type has flavour and crunch! We are fermenting slower and way ‘cooler’ than ever before and we love the results!

I must also add that we have not sprayed our cabbages this year with anything!  Not even the approved ‘bioprotec’.  Sure, we have some worm damage on the heads that we are cutting off but Ben did not see the need to even use the approved spray.  I say this because ‘local’ raw processed foods are very popular and very expensive.  And when they are sprayed with conventional pesticides – it makes me insane, and unfortunately I know very very few that are not sprayed, especially the conventional cabbage fields.  There are some very harsh pesticides used out there.

Our crunchy gut-healthy raw sauerkraut! Contains our own organic cabbage and unrefined mineral rich sea salt. And that’s it. Enjoy in good health.

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