VIP ‘Farm Gate’ – 4lb to 5lb Pasture Raised Whole Chickens!


For VIP Home Delivery!

*Due to Avian Flu at a very large commercial chicken operation in our community (cue eyeroll), we were only available to do one batch of chickens this year.  We need to save the bulk of the birds for our fall/winter chicken pot pies!!

OUR SECOND SEASON OF MEAT BIRDS! We raised these “Rustic Ranger” brown meat chickens on in our ‘chicken tractors’ on grassy pasture on the farm here! Free to roam in fresh air, eat bugs, peck and scratch all day long! Letting chickens be chickens!  Also fed organic and non gmo grains! 🙂

1 whole frozen chicken, 4 to 5lbs or more in weight – $30.00 ea.

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