VIP ‘Farm Gate’ – 3lb Pasture Raised Whole Chickens!


For VIP Home Delivery only!

OUR SECOND BATCH OF CHICKENS!!! We raised these “Rustic Ranger” brown meat chickens on in our NEW ‘chicken tractors’ on grassy pasture on the farm here! Free to roam in fresh air, eat bugs, peck and scratch all day long! Letting chickens be chickens!  Also fed organic grains! 🙂

(So this batch was done early, as I’m learning to book processing dates that fill up very fast at LowBanks. Basically you need to book your processing at the same time you order your chicks to ensure there is room for your birds! This processing plant is small, very organized and amazing at what they do, hence why they are busy. So this time there was no processing dates available to do my chickens later in September, so they went in early!  This batch are little young birds, only just over 3lbs each but very flavorful indeed!)

1 whole frozen chicken, 3lbs or more in weight – $25.00 ea.

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