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We have 40 dozen rolls available – AND THATS IT! So if you want our vegan rolls for the holidays – get them NOW!

These have our SWEET CORN in them and are awesome!! We’ve added a touch of organic cane sugar to level out the acidity in the tomato sauce! Smothered in lots of sauce!

Cabbage rolls are a labour of love! The amount of prep work, then creating the rolls, then roasting, cooling, packing is a long process! And I’ve learned so much from the Ukrainian and Polish women in my life about how to make them, and pick up so many tips along the way. These are without meat and now that I’ve been making them for over a decade – the ladies now adore kale and veggie ones!

Ingredients: ALL ORGANIC: Sosnicki’s Cabbage, Sosnicki’s Roma Tomatoes, Sosnicki’s Garlic, Sosnicki’s Onions, Sosnicki’s Kale, Sosnicki’s Sweet Corn, Sosnicki’s Dill, Lundberg Organic Long Grain Brown Rice; Maison Orphee Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cane Sugar & Unrefined Sea Salt.

*Fully Roasted. Simply thaw and re-heat until piping hot!

1 dozen.

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