VIP ADD ON: Decadent Potato/Cheddar/Buttery-Onion PEROGIES!!


Available to purchase by our VIP home delivery members!

Our traditional recipes with an organic twist! Our crew STILL consists of the Ukrainian and Polish ladies: Anne is now 94 years old! These are all hand made. They are certified organic made with our own farm’s ingredients (potatoes, onions etc) and only made with other best quality organic ingredients.  Flour is from Oak Manor; our cheeses and butter are from L’Ancetre; our oils and unrefined sea salt is from Maison Orphee!

These Decadent Perogies contain: Our own Potatoes, Unbleached Flour, Our own Onions, Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Sunflower Oil, Unrefined Sea Salt! Certified Organic.

*Fully Boiled!  Do NOT boil!  Simply thaw and pan fry is best! Also heating from frozen on a bed of rendered down onions, covered, low heat, is a great way to re-heat too and keep them soft and doughy as some prefer*

Pack of 6 large.


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