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SOSNICKI VIP HOME DELIVERY (Toronto and Area): 6 Weeks May/June!!


6 weeks of our earliest certified organic seasonal veggies for home delivery to Toronto and surrounding area!  Including our strawberries! Please refer to our new FAQ and Delivery Map for all information before purchasing to see if you are the right fit for our VIP Home Delivery!

First Deliveries will happen Victoria Day  May 22nd, and the 24 and 25th!  (Refer to map on our site to see your delivery day! If you are a returning regular your delivery day should be the same as last year!)  You can purchase our organic veggie SEEDLINGS with your 6 week sign up to be delivered with your first delivery of veggies!

Each bin will have a base of 9 veggies! If those 9 items are not enough for your family I will continue to send the weekly newsletters with the link to our “add on shop” so you can ADD more to your bin!  On the other hand are 9 items too much for your family?  We can easily set you up with every other week delivery and make these FRESH awesome deliveries stretch for 12 weeks!  Better yet – just share with your neighbour! We can easily ‘pause’ your weekly delivery if you are away on holidays!

Veggies included in these first 6 home deliveries will be: Welsh’s Organic Asparagus (the only item we resell!)Mini Lettuces; Rhubarb; Shunkyo Radish; Kohlrabi; Swiss Chard; Bok Choy; Kale; Yukon Gold Potatoes from storage; Yellowstone Carrots from storage; Green Garlic; Garlic Scapes, Green Onions; Spinach; Salad Mix; Hakurei Turnips; Romaine Lettuces; Fresh bunched Carrots, Fresh bunched Beets and STRAWBERRIES; Zucchini; Peas in June bins! Plus any additional crops that ripen during June!

6 weeks, $55 ea. week – home delivered 🙂

*contents subject to change – weather dependent.