Sosnicki VIP 4 weeks WINTER home delivery!


Our first ever WINTER home delivery!  WhooHOOO!!!!

Our storage crops are stellar this winter! We will be on the road every other week during the weeks of February 12th and 26th and again during the weeks of March 11th and 25th home delivering our local, organic veggies straight to your door! And fruit from Pfenning’s! long with our perogies and other prepared foods 🙂

Base bins will include (see picture): 5lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, 4lbs Sweet Carrots,  4lbs Sweet Potatoes, 3lbs Rainbow Daikon Radish, 2lbs Cooking Onions, 2 Cabbages, 2 Garlic.  Contents will be the same during all 4 weeks.  You will be sent a newsletter as per usual with options to buy add ons such as: Fresh Spinach, Fresh Kale, extra Garlic, extra Yukon Potatoes, German Butterball Potatoes, Blue Potatoes, Red Finger Potatoes, Red Norland Potatoes, more Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Cabbages, Beets, Apples and other items through Pfenning’s Organic Farm. Along with our 5 different flavour Perogies, Raw Sauerkraut etc. prepared foods 🙂

MUST LOVE ROOT VEGGIES!  You must consume potatoes and other root veggies in order to enjoy these bins!  The base contents are set with limited customization.   Yes, we aim to please but can only do so much this time of year.  We can send more potatoes instead of onions.  We can remove radish and send more sweet potatoes or vise versa.  You can play around with the base bin contents but cannot sub out items for add on items.

4 weeks, home delivered. All vegetables always certified organic.  $55/ per wk. $220

Note: Delivery days are still being figured out. Our farm newsletter will advise closer to delivery week for your location.

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