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For our THURSDAY and FRIDAY VIP home delivery customers!

A spectacular fall harvest heading your way!!! You can expect to see:  Peppers – sweet bells, red sheps, hots galore! Bulk sheps for canning too!! (September is pepper month!), fresh beets with tops, celery, Broccoli in a huge way, new patch of Green Beans (will be able to offer bulk!!), gourmet potatoes, more sweet corn, red onions, cooking onions, shallots, more eggplant, always garlic and yukons etc etc! OH! and Salad mix!  We are getting back into serious greens this fall!  By October we will have all sorts for Squash! Cauliflower! Leeks! Turnips! Celeriac! Field Spinach! Arugula! colourful fall Radishes! (new this season!) Sweet Potatoes! and I KNOW I’m forgetting some veggies for sure! Basically – lots of variety!

9 weeks! $50/week. 8 to 9 premium, no 1, certified organic veggie items!