Saturday, October 31 BRICKWORKS PICK UP BOX!


Welcome back to Brickworks market! PLEASE READ *NOTE: Buying this box is not mandatory to attend the market.  You may come direct to market and buy whatever you’d like and with cash.   This box has been created for those customers that choose NOT to pay with cash and would like items pre-boxed upon arrival.  We only accept cash at the market*  You must attend the market to PICK UP this box.  You must show a copy of your invoice to pick up the box.  Showing Ben a virtual copy of the invoice on your phone is totally acceptable as we will not be taking names or printing invoice copies.  *This is not a home delivery sale* *We are unable to customize these boxes*.

Our pre-filled market box contains:

– 1 medium Butternut Squash

– 1 bunch Carrots

– 1 bunch Beets

-2 lbs Sweet Potatoes

-1 medium green Cabbage

-1 bunch Kale



20 in stock