For our VIP Home Delivery Customers!

We have made quite the effort to keep a large variety of GREEN and COLOUR for all of November and December VIP bins thanks to new Greenhouses to compliment our Storage Crops!  You can expect:

4 different kinds of Potatoes including the Fingerlings and Gourmet Coloured varieties; Carrots and also Juice Carrots!  Some Rainbow Carrots; Beets; Watermelon Radish and 3 other Colourful Radish; Red and Green Cabbages; GREENS: such as Spinach, Bok Choy, Baby Salad Green Mix; Arugula, Hakurei Turnips with tops; French Shallots; Garlic Galore; Cooking Onions, Red Onions; Leeks; Celery Root; Squash including Kabocha, Black Futsu, Buttercup, Butternut, Spaghetti! Fresh Herbs! Also fresh Kale from the Greenhouses as well!  I’ll also be running the VIP shop weekly as well, so Adding on extra veggies will continue!

For THURDAY and FRIDAY home delivery customers!  7 weeks of deliveries; 9 items in each bin, $50 per week.

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