*NEW* Sosnicki VIP 4 Week Market Box!


Available to Purchase Saturday, May 30th at Noon. First come, first served.

Welcome to the first official purchase of our VIP Sosnicki Market Box! Beginning the weekend of June 13th through to July 4th we will home deliver 4 weeks of our premium *Certified Organic* and *Local* veggies to your door in Toronto, No contact! Our VIP’s get our Strawberries first – with every delivery!  **VIP’s also get the opportunity to buy from our ‘market table’ with add-ons – like MORE strawberries, more garlic scapes, more asparagus! Even some of our Rhubarb (that is very limited) etc etc!! What you get each week:  1 quart Strawberries, 1 lb Asparagus, 1 fresh bunched Kale, 1 fresh bunched Swiss Chard, 1 fresh bunched Carrots, 1 Green and 1 Red Leaf Lettuces, 1 gorgeous Romaine Lettuce, 1 herbs (and THATS this first two weeks!) Then more Strawberries, Patty Pan Zucchini, Green Long Zucchini, Squash Blossoms,  sweetest PEAS and Garlic Scapes along with the kale, chard and lettuces! 9 items per market box, per week!

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